Machine Learning.

Create, train and deploy Machine Learning models.
Without expensive hardware. No code required.

Create. Train. Deploy.

MLBlocks does the heavy lifting and connects the dots for you. Create a model, train on custom datasets, deploy it in the cloud and monitor it without having a Machine Learning background.
Machine Learning doesn't need to be that difficult!

Harness the power of AI

Here's how it works

Effortlessly Create Models

Simply drag your training data into your dashboard to begin training your models without knowing any Machine Learning!


High-performace Training

Train your models on optimised hardware in the cloud without worrying about expenses.

Deployment at your Fingertips

Serve your models from the cloud with a single click of a button. No server configuration needed.


Integration - without the fuss

Serve your cloud-hosted models using the simple MLBlocks API in a language of your choice.

Integrate Machine Learning in your apps with ease!

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